Shrub Care

Four Season Ornamental Tree And Shrub Care Program (Up To 15 ft.)

Real Green offers an ornamental tree, shrub and groundcover program which provides the fertilizers and controls for insect and diseases necessary to maintain healthy, vigorous plants. Application are applied every 8 weeks to: every 4-8 weeks, for your convenience.

  • Dormant Oil
  • Professional Grade Fertilizers
  • Insect Control
  • Disease Control
  • pH Buffering
  • Fertilization Three Times Per Year


  • Beautiful Flowers And Blooms
  • Increased Resistance To Insects And Fungal Problems
  • Increased Resistance To Drought.
  • Increased Vigor And Strength

Our Tree Program
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Tree Care

Our Four Seasons Shade Tree Program
Real Green Pest and Lawn will give your trees a boost with a deep root feeding. We inject our tree nutrient formulation directly into the root zone in both the spring and fall seasons. This will promote good color and strengthen your trees for the stressful months ahead as well as protect the trees from its natural enemies. We also inspect your trees twice during the growing season, making specific recommendations for pruning and other tree health care issues.

Our Timely Deep Root Applications Will Provide:

  • Fuller, More Beautiful Tree Crowns
  • Inspection Or Trees And The Environment Which They Live For Potential Problems. This Includes Oak Wilt Inspections
  • Less Pruning Maintenance
  • Increased Resistance To Drought
  • Increased Resistance To Insects And Fungal Problems
  • Systemic Pesticides Can Be Added For Additional Insect Control
  • Faster Recovery From Construction damage
  • Increased Vigor And Strength
  • Feedings Are Recommended Twice Annually

Our Shrub Program
Free Analysis And Price Quote