Our Basic Annual Lawn Care Program

In a drought, a Lawn Care Service is more important than ever. Real Green Pest and Lawn customize your lawn with professional grade products and fight the tough, drought related weeds, lawn-damaging bugs and disease while providing a nutrient-rich diet and water saving products to thicken and green up your lawn. No more messy fertilizer and chemical storage. No more concerns about burning your yard. You water and mow, we’ll do the rest.

MORE GREEN, LESS WEEDS, LESS MONEY! Real Green’s Basic Program Other Co.’s Basic Program
Custom Blended Slow Release Fertilizers, Formulated for Austin’s Soil YES NO
3 Pre-emergent weed control applications YES NO
Sulfur and Surfactants applied every treatment to help with Moisture Management & nutrient uptake YES NO
Micro-Nutrient Treatments for a healthier lawn YES NO
pH monitoring and correction with every treatment YES NO
Organic applied to lawn YES NO
Organic Bio-stimulants for healthier soil YES NO
2 Applications of Humic Acid with micro-
nutrients for healthy soil and plants.
Spot treat for visible Fire Ant mounds on
every visit
Mid Summer Insect treatment to control;
Scorpions, Spiders, Fleas and Ticks, using organic botanical products.
Post-Emergent Broadleaf weed Treatments at no additional
Apply a Well Balanced Fertilizer to all
Ornamental trees and shrubs.
We use organic products, whenever possible.
We will always use the least toxic approach
Locally owned, by the same Austin family
since 1989. Rock solid techniques for Austin’s
One Reactive Spot Treatment for Brown Patch YES NO
One Reactive Spot Treatment for Grub Worms YES NO
Surfactants for water retention included at NO additional charge! YES NO
Unlimited visits, between normally scheduled
applications, to keep your lawn lush and green
Visible Results or Your Money Back! YES NO
Average payment for Average Lawn of 3500 square ft.on our basic program 29.96 55.00

The Lawn Care Program Offers These Benefits:

  • Denser, more beautiful, weed-free lawn.
  • We build healthy soil by using eco-friendly products that build microbial activity and do not harm beneficial insects.
  • Reduction in total lawn care expense, by creating a lawn that can self-maintain.
  • Our service schedule is designed for Austin, TX. The frequency of our visits results in less product applied each time we visit. This results in fewer insect and disease problems, as your lawns are not fed more than it can use, therefore, less fertilizer runoff.
  • Healthy plants are less susceptible to insects, diseases and problems.

This eco-friendly approach is called Plant Health Care, or PHC
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