Spring Lawn Care Tips in Austin, TX

  • Worms in Live Oak trees arrive in mid April. Loopers, Inchworms, Webworms, Bagworms,etc. They can be devastating due to the amount of foliage they can remove from a tree in a very short time. Without foliage, photosynthesis can’t occur. Live Oaks have the ability to produce several crops of foliage during the season. However, repeated attacks year after year will cause tree fatalities.
  • Post-emergent weed control should be applied now. Post-emergents kill weeds that have already germinated. Post-emergents are an effective way to control weeds.
  • Most trees and shrubs should be fertilized mid March thru May. Deep root method with a bio-stimulant is my recommendation, low in potassium for central Texas.When To Fertilize Trees
  • Fire Ant Treatment
  • During the late winter and early spring, the root systems of warmest season grasses decline, and as spring progresses, new vigorous roots develop. This time of year is a critical time in this process and these roots should not be disturbed. Aeration should wait until the grass is vigorously growing.
  • How To Mulch
  • After a winter of not mowing, many of us are reluctant to get the mower out and start mowing, but if the growth is sufficient, mow.
  • Never mow the grass short the first few time. Scalping the lawn is never good, and can only lead to a weakened root system, as you are reducing the grasses ability to make food for itself by reducing foliage mass, and therefore reducing overall photo-synthesis. Also scalping brings sunlight to the soil, causing increased germination of weeds.
  • Dead spots in St. Augustine grass is often from grub damage done last fall. Grubs feed from the roots, destroying carbohydrate reserves used for spring growth.
  • You should have already pruned flowering plants, trees, and shrubs. When To Prune Live Oak Trees – Austin Texas
  • Brown patch often forms in cooler wet temperatures. Although it is tempting to water to, your lawn actually needs very little this time of year.Brown Patch – Lawn Fungal Problems
  • Lawn Fertilizers applied this time of year should have low Nitrogen levels to avoid feeding fungal problems such as brown patch and grey leaf spot. Look for lower Nitrogen and higher Iron levels. (I recommend a 24-5-11 With 6% iron) Avoid any fertilizer ratios higher than 27% nitrogen.
  • Too much water can be devastating to most plants, including trees. There is no need to water established trees. If the weather is mild and dry, water newly planted trees thoroughly, as needed.
  • Consistent monitoring is the key to healthy plants. Remember, it is easier to keep a healthy plant healthy, than to save a sick one.

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