Free Lawn Care Book and Watering GuideWatering requirements are about the same as other turf types in full sun. Since Bermuda Grass will not grow in the shade, overall irrigation requirements are higher.

Bermuda grass is a narrow-leaved, vigorous perennial, with both above-ground and below ground creeping stems, is drought tolerant, and spreads rapidly. Bermuda grass as a turf grass does not grow in shade, turn brown after frost in the fall, and doesn’t become green until after the last spring freeze, and is more of a nuisance than other turf grasses in flower beds and gardens because of the rhizomes. Common Bermuda grass is the most practical Bermuda grass for the average homeowner because seed is readily available and inexpensive. In addition to common Bermuda grass, Tiflawn, Texturf-10, U-3, Tufcote, Tifway, Tifgreen and Tifdwarf may be used. Tiflawn is an aggressive hybrid Bermuda grass that has about the same size leaves and stems as common Bermuda grass and forms a dense turf when properly managed. This grass generally is considered for use on heavily used areas. Texturf-10 Bermuda grass was developed as a medium-textured, dark green variety that is more wear-resistant. Texturf-10 Bermuda grass is very sensitive to chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides. U-3 is a strain with finer stems and leaves and is more cold tolerant, but not as wear resistant as Texturf-10 and Tifway Bermuda grass. Tufcote Bermuda grass is more cold tolerant. Tifway Bermuda grass was selected for its fine texture, dark color, and density. Tifway has an upright growth habit and stiff leaves and is, perhaps, the best choice of the hybrid Bermuda grasses for lawn use. Tifgreen and Tifdwarf Bermuda grasses are fine-textured, vigorous hybrids that make a dense, weed resistant turf when mowed closely and frequently. These are very high maintenance turf grasses and should be used only where intensive maintenance is practical. Reel-type mowers that can be adjusted to less than 1-inch mowing height are required for these grasses.

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