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All information here is measured by our weather stations. We currently own and operate three Davis Pro-Plus weather stations with Leaf/Soil Sensors in multiple parts of Austin. We have one in Oak Hill, One in Northwest Hills, and One in Round Rock.




















































































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My Roses, Vegetable Gardens and Herbs in Hanging baskets are on Drip Irrigation.  All of my garden soil is highly modified to improve drainage. My turf soil is unmodified/Heavy Clay with limestone substrate. (Native Austin Soil)

Plant Type                          Irrigation Frequency                      Length of Cycle               Plant Quality

Roses                                  2x Daily                                                 4 Minutes                         Excellant
Vegitables                        2x Daily                                                 3 Minutes                          Excellant
Hanging Herbs                  2x Daily                                                 1.5 Minutes                       Excellant
Turf in Full Sun                Every 2-3 days, Full Sun                   .75 Inches/25 Minutes     Excellant
Turf in Full Shade            3x per week                               .75 Inches/25 Minutes     Excellant























































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